November 24, 2011

A short ride in the forest

Today I went on a short ride in the forest. I was looking at the forest from my window for a few days and it is just beautiful.
The weather was nice, the sun was shining but it was a bit cold especially where the forest was thicker. From the edge of the forest it looked like a normal autumn day but as I got deeper there was more and more snow.
I fell down two times, first I was looking for the trail and the front tire slipped and I felt down on my right side. The second fall was nasty, I had too much speed in a tight corner between the trees and the bike went sideways and I felt down hard and I hit my left hand which is a bit swollen now.

I didn't know exactly where I wanted to go, my first tough was to ride on a longer trail but it was a little cold for that so I headed for Terebici, one of my favorite destinations, probably because my first ride had the same destination.

It seems like the lens of my camera got steamy again and I had to delete some of the pictures :(

After a short brake and a failed photo shooting I turned back. For the descent I chose another route to the other side of the city where I found a lot of snow, because the sun wasn't shining there.
 - distance: 20,68 km
 - average speed: 13,1 kph
 - maximum speed: 33,4 kph
 - time: 1:34:31

Although it was short and I have a few bruises it was a cool ride and I hope I can repeat it soon :)

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