December 29, 2011

First real winter ride

Before Christmas I went out for the first real snow ride this winter. The forest was very beautiful and the ride was very cool. The snow was just perfect, not too frozen but not to wet eater. The bike was slipping a bit but I didn't fall. I was feeling the lack of outdoor training and although I had two sock and an overshoe my big toes got frozen.

We had a little photo shoot also and here are the best pictures:
And my favorite picture:
More pictures here.

On this ride I tested my Christmas present that I got from myself, a pair of hand warmers which were great so only my toes were cold.
 - distance: 15,33 km
 - average speed: 12,7 km/h
 - maximum speed: 38,2 km/h
 - time: 1:11:59

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