December 9, 2011

Winter training

Two weeks ago I started my bodybuilding training again. Last year I wrote about my training program, this year  I have a light program. For the first few weeks I am on a come back program. I'm training 4 times a week and I'm doing exercises for all the major upper body muscle groups. For my legs I started training on my trainer at home a few weeks ago. I don't have a training program yet, I try to get on the bike at least once a week and I try to ride for more than an hour.
I am training every weekday except Wednesday when I have a rest day. I usually train from 8:30 am, I am training in the morning because in the morning the testosterone level is higher and the training is more effective. I'm doing one or two exercises for each muscle group but I repeat one exercise only 3 times. I'm doing exercises in this order first chest, then shoulders, back, triceps and biceps. After only two weeks of workout I am starting to get back in shape and I started to increase the weights which I use.

Next year after the holidays I will have another week of warm up exercises and after that I will focus on only two major muscle groups every day. I will write another post when I will have the final program :)

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