January 6, 2012

Chili con carne

As I said before I am trying to improve my recipe posts with pictures from the making of. One of my favorite foods, both to cook and to eat, is chili con carne. It is very easy to make this chili and it is very fast too.

The ingredients:
 - ground meat (I usually use mixed, pork and beef meat)
 - onion
 - garlic
 - carrots
 - red pepper
 - sweet corn
 - kidney beans
 - olive oil
 - tomato sauce
 - chili
 - salt & pepper, oregano, basil and bay leaves

For the topping I use sour cream, cheese and fresh onions.
 The first thing to do is to fry some onions in the olive oil. I used fresh carrots but it is faster if you cook the carrots separately in plain water.
Then you can add the meat, the salt and pepper, the garlic and the red peppers:
After the meat gets brown you can add the rest of the ingredients, first the tomato sauce to slow down the cooking:
Add the rest of the spices:
Then the corn and the beans:
While it cooks for about ten minutes you can prepare the toppings:
You can serve it without topping:
Or with the toppings which you like:
Bon appetit!

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