January 8, 2012

New year...

A new year, new statistics and new goals...

2011  was a good year, I managed to achieve some of my goals. After a near miss in spring where I got another 4th place finish I managed to get on the podium on my first marathon (80 km) after a grueling seven and a half hours.
In the summer I was at the sea where I finished in first place with my team on my first triathlon.
Stats for last year (about 3500 km, down from 5000 a year before and 4000 in 2009):
 - a few hundred kilometers on the trainer
 - a few hundred kilometers on the city bike
 - 1487 kilometers off-road, the clock is now at 7860
 - 1368 kilometers on the road, the clock is now at 5654 

I have only one goal for this year (involving a bike), to get as many kilometers on two wheels as possible and if it is possible I would like to win a medal :)

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