April 22, 2012

First forest ride in 2012

This Monday I went for a ride in the forest. It was raining a bit lately but I thought that it would be pretty dry in the fores and I missed the forest very much. 

The weather was kind of ok when I left my flat. when I was climbing up in the forest it was getting very hot. The ground was a bit wet and the sun was shining so the humidity was very high. The humid air combined with the pedaling resulted in me feeling very hot. Also I had some chili sauce for lunch so my stomach was hurting to.  (Note to self: never eat spicy foods before a ride.)

After the first climb the ride started to get fun. In some places the wind was blowing so it was cooler and in some places the trail got muddy so my bike was sliding. The forest is very beautiful, spring is finally here :)

I took some picture and uploaded them here. And now I'm off to the Critical Mass.

 - time: 1:23:43
- distance: 20.33 km
 - average speed: 1,45 km/h
 - maximum speed: 45,7 km/h

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