July 31, 2012

How to stress stress

Lately I had a very stressful period an stress is killing my inspiration and my mood to write, that's why I've published fewer articles. Now I understand why the writers need a calm environment to write :)

What can you do when you are stressed, angry? The best thing is to remove the cause, but if you can't do that (can't quit work for example, or can't move to another city) you can try these:

- first thing you should do is to try to calm down, try to think logically. And very important, don't do stupid things when your angry, think about the consequences of your action first!
- a good stress killer is swearing
- the next level is hitting something but be careful not to break it or not to hurt yourself
- taking a walk helps you calm down
- do something pleasant to divert your attention like watch a movie or eat or sleep
- try to find out what works for you, for me the best stress relief  is to going for a ride :)

Probably the best stress relief is the physical activity. You don't need to run or to workout even if you walk faster then usual endorphins are released in your body which calm you down. From my experience the more intense the workout the more relaxed I get after it. Going for a ride or playing football for an hour makes me a new man :)

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