January 22, 2013

2012 retrospective

As I did a year ago I'm writing a post summarizing the last year. Last year was a very fast year, although I rode only a few kilometers on two wheels there were a lot of big changes in my life. On two wheels my biggest achievement was that I completed a 100 kilometer marathon.
Stats for last year (about 1500 km, down from 3500 a year before):

 - a few hundred kilometers on the trainer
 - a few hundred kilometers on the city bike
 - 615.8 kilometers off-road, the clock is now at 8475.8
 - 300 kilometers on the road, the clock is now at 5954

I don't have a cool picture presentation like I had last year and I didn't ride as much either but I played football and spend a lot of time in the gym.

I have no big goals for this year, I only want to ride as much as I can (at least 30 kilometers every week with the city bike) and just be happy :)

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