February 22, 2013

Healthy breakfast

My breakfast every morning at work is yogurt with cereals and honey. It is very delicious and it doesn't contain artificial sweetener and flavors. Here is my recipe:
about 300 grams of yogurt
4 tablespoons of  cereals wit nuts and dried fruits
one tablespoon of honey
mix it
This is a good breakfast wit a lot of vitamins, good sugars and proteins. You can use fresh fruits for an extra kick :)

February 15, 2013

One more winter ride

Last Sunday I went for a ride in the forest. Last week the temperature was high so most of the snow has melted and there was a lot of mud. Before the weekend it started to snow and on Saturday a few centimeters of snow was covering the mud. I hoped that there is enough snow so I went for a ride.
There was enough snow in the forest so it was a nice ride. It was slippery because of the wet snow and soe mud but it was a lot of fun.
My bike computer is not working so I don't know the statistics of the ride, but it was about 20 km long and way too much fun :)
This was probably the last snowy ride, spring is just around the corner.

February 6, 2013

Power Tools

Every man likes toys and every real man likes to have some power tools.
I bought an electric drill and it is very cool. Drilling holes in the wall is a lot of fun, this is a very powerful machine and it goes through the wall like your knife goes through butter. I'm looking forward to the next time when I have to drill some holes in the wall.

Tip for the girls: next week is Valentines day and if your bf likes to fix thing around the house get him some power tools

February 1, 2013

Winter rides

I had three rides this year in the snow, but I was to lazy to upload the pictures.

The first ride was a bit muddy, but it was fun:
The second ride was partly in the forest and partly on the road which was wet so i had to put all my clothes in the washing machine.
The last ride was this Saturday and I recorded it on Strava, and I will probably track my next rides to.
 - distance: 12, 3 km
 - time: 1:39:04
 - average speed: 7,4 km/h
 - max speed: 27,3 km/h

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