April 12, 2013

Running on the treadmill

This week my football game was cancelled so I though I should test myself and run an hour on the treadmill. I got changed and with a bottle of water I selected a workout wit 3 hills. The first 10 minutes were very hard but after I got properly warmed up the time begun to pass faster. Every 10 minutes I drank some water because my mouth was drying out and I was sweating like crazy, this is why it is better to workout outdoor. 

The last 15 minutes were very hard also, I was trying to focus and find motivation while counting the minutes. I don't know how many times I thought that I want to stop for just a minute and get some rest. In the and I managed to run 10 kilometers in one hour, with 3 minutes of warm up and 3 minutes of cool down. I ended up burning 767 calories which is the equivalent of a big lunch. Even after an hour after the run I was still sweating :)

I hope that next time I will be running in the forest, that is the next new workout that I want to try out.

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