November 15, 2013

Night Ride

If you are looking for a way to spice up your rides (with more adrenaline) or you just don't have time to ride when there is natural light outside try to go for a ride in the dark.
There is a very nice trail around the city with a killer down hill at the end which is about 20 km long. It was perfect for a night ride. We had a bad start, a lot of problems with the light and branches but after that it was a nice ride. The speed seemed higher on the climbs, sometimes it was hard to let the brakes loose on the down hills. Check out the track here.

It was interesting that it was a lot warmer in the forest and it was very cold when we got out in the fields. It was a nice ride with a few small crashes and a flat tire. I hope I can go for another night ride soon.

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