February 28, 2014

It's Spring again!

Hooray, it's spring again!

Sunday I went for the first road ride with my road bike this year. It's so weird to go out on the road again after a long winter... These were my thought:

  • this bike in so unstable (the same feeling every spring)
  • help, I can't feel the bike
  • this is too fast
  • it't too cold
  • it's too hot
  • this bike is too big
  • the bike is not comfortable
  • the seat is bad
  • my back is killing me
  • my legs are on fire
  • I need more training
  • this is too hard
  • need to pay more attention, I almost felt down
  • I'm too tired, I want to go home
There were a lot of similar thought going threw my mind but overall it was a nice ride. Every Spring is hard to go out on the road again but I am looking forward to the next ride :)

February 21, 2014

Riding the bike to play some football

As I said some time ago I like to play football and I play football every week with my coworkers.
This was the first winter when we played indoors. The "problem" is that we don't play in the city and for me there is a 20 minutes bike ride before and after the one hour game. I use my city bike to go to play football and it is a heavy bike which needs a new transmission so that makes the ride even harder. I like to run a lot when I play football, that combined with the bike rides make a very good workout :)

February 7, 2014

Winter ride

Last Sunday I went for a ride in the forest. The weather was nice and there was a lot of snow. I was very excited because this was my first real snowy ride this winter.

My excitement turned into a struggle to move forward in the big and wet snow. I was moving as fast as a snail :).

As i got I out of the forest the view was great. On one side of the hill there was a big cover of fog in the valley, on the other side there were some nice hills covered with trees and snow.

awesome white rim :)
I didn't want to go back in the forest because I was very tired so I decided to go home on the tarmac. Just before arriving home I had the idea to climb the hill above the city.

The view of the city was worth climbing the hill. after that I arrived home with my ice pedals and wet clothes from a lot of sweat.

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