February 3, 2015

2014 retrospective

As always I'm late again with this post, I did't have the mood to write lately.

There were a lot of interesting things last year, but I didn't write about them. I hope this will change this year because I have big plans for this website/blog.

I made a total of all my Strava activities and it looks like this:
 - 1008.8 kilometers ridden on my bikes (probably I have twice as much on my city bike - I don't use Strava for that)
 - 162.7 kilometers running (16 hours and 9 minutes)

Iteresting things from last year:
 - I started running, participated in two races
 - I rode in a gentlemans race - 188 kilometers
 - I tested some very expensive bikes

 - fixed/upgraded all my bikes
 - and a lot of new things in my personal life :)

For this year I have big plans:
 - fix up this site/blog
 - ride more
 - run more
 - build at least one android app
 - build more website/tools

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