March 19, 2015

Races in May

In May there will be a lot of races in town so I made a list with all of them:

  1. Sunday May 3 –
    • in the center of the city
    • I've participated 2 years ago, it is a pretty good race
  2. Saturday May 9 – – Transilvania Cross Duathlon Balcan and Romanian National Championship
    • it's around the Zoo (First Run 5.5 km – 2 laps x 2.75 km, total elevation 162 meter, Bike 19.5 km – 3 laps x 6,5 km, total elevation 594 meter, Second Run 2.75 km – 1 laps x 2.75 km, total elevation 81 meter)
    • I want to race in a duathlon race for some time now so I would like to participate
  3. Sunday May 10 –
    • approximately 12 km of trail racing
    • I've participated last year and it was a lot of fun so I hope I will be there this year also
  4. Sunday May 24 –
    • half marathon, trail running (21 km, total elevation 584), in the forest near the Zoo
    • I would like to participate because I like to run in that forest

If it will be possible I would like to race in all of these events, but I would be satisfied if I could race in at least the duathlon and the half marathon :)

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